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paulsen-industries-fuel-additivesToday’s fuel is put to the test every day in a variety of operating conditions. From microbial organisms that actually grow in fuel tanks to the corrosive properties of ethanol to the potential lubricity problems associated with low sulfur diesel fuel, well…..any number of things can happen to negatively impact fuel performance in your vehicle, boat, truck or heavy equipment.

Fortunately, many of these known problems can be minimized and even reversed using one of our Biobor Family of Products. You’re probably familiar with the Biobor name.

Originally developed and formulated by U.S. Borax, Hammonds has owned and marketed the flagship Biobor JF brand for nearly 20 years. Aircraft, marine and engine manufacturers have come to recommend this outstanding additive in many of their operating manuals as the preferred, industry standard fuel additive for eliminating Hydrocarbon Utilizing Micro-Organisms (HUM Bugs) in fuel tanks.

Check out our full line up of Hammonds Fuel Additives, each formulated based on the outstanding performance found in Biobor JF. Find the products that best meet your needs on the pages that follow.
Hammonds Technical Services manufactures and markets the worlds leading microbicide.  Biobor Jf is a fuel biocide designed to kill the bugs that can grow in hydrocarbon based fuels.

Microbicides are generally very dangerous to handle, and they can also be very corrosive.  Hammonds Biocide (sometimes referred to as Microbicide) is the safest yet most effective Biocide on the market today.

In addition to our microbicide, Hammonds also offers the Family of Biobor Products.  Biobor EB (Ethanol Buster) is a great gasoline additive to help overcome many of the negative effects that ethanol can have on an engine.

Also, Biobor MD (Marine Diesel) additive is a great additive that conditions, cleans, and increases the efficiency of your diesel engine.

Paulsen Industries Ltd is a GREEN company and they enthusiastically engage in efforts to renew, restore and revitalize our environment.

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