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BioborEB® is a specifically formulated additive for gasoline and ethanol fuel blends which helps combat the negative effects of ethanol in fuel tanks and engines, while increasing engine performance, efficiency and fuel stability.

Ethanol is extremely corrosive and can be detrimental to your engine if not properly blended with the gasoline in your fuel tank. Ethanol over time will separate from the gasoline in your fuel tank, move to the
bottom of your fuel tank and mix with water that is contained in your fuel.

This phase separation in fuel causes your engine to burn this bad fuel, which will lead to engine damage, loss of engine efficiency and loss of power. If your boat, truck, stand-by power unit or fuel storage unit sits unused for any length of time, this phase separation of fuel will definitely occur. BioborEB® your fuel tank to prevent this problem by keeping the gasoline and ethanol in suspension, not allowing the phase seperation to
take place.

BioborEB® additionally acts as a fuel stabilizer for up to two years of storage. BioborEB® was developed for all two and four-cycle engines.

BioborEB® also acts as a sludge detergent and dispersant, which cleans injectors and prevents corrosion leading to better combustion, fuel efficiency and an all-around better running, cleaner engine.

To sum it up, BioborEB® can give your engine better performance and more power, with better fuel economy. BioborEB® provides corrosion protection for injector chambers and intake valves and reduces engine maintenance costs. In addition, BioborEB® eliminates the worrisome
problem of fuel phase separation.


Fuel to be treated (in gal.) 30 60 90 120
BioborEB® (in oz.)
Maintenance Dosage
2 4 6 8
Product recommended for continuous use at above rate
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