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BioborMD® is a cutting edge marine fuel additive engineered to enhance fuel performance, increase lubricity and lower exhaust emissions. Cetane levels are raised for easier cold starting, fuel lubricity and combustion is increased, while the entire fuel system is cleaned of sludge.

These advantages result in more power and torque with less fuel-related down time and maintenance costs.
Cetane Enhancer–Raises the Cetane level up to 3 numbers enabling faster fuel ignition, while combustion improvers provide for a more complete fuel burn. Working together, these factors enable fuel to ignite sooner and also burn longer and hotter for a more complete fuel burn. Available horsepower, torque and fuel economy are increased, while reducing or eliminating soot output and carbon buildup.

Adds Lubricity
–Low sulfur diesel fuel mandated by the EPA is good for the environment, but puts at risk the lubrication properties of the fuel. The only source of lubrication for injectors and the fuel injection pump is the fuel that flows through it.

BioborMD® has been tested and shows an increase in fuel lubricity of 12.5% (Ball On Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator–BOCLE). This increase protects and extends component service life, lowering maintenance costs and down time when compared to the absence of fuel lubricity in low and ultra-low sulfur diesel.

Anti-GelBioborMD® lowers the Pour Point by up to 45°F and the Cold Filter Plug
Point (CFPP) is reduced by up to 22°F, maintaining proper fuel flow when the fuel could otherwise gel in unconditioned fuel.

Prevents and melts ice that causes frozen blockages and downtime. Once ice is melted, any free water within the fuel system or water absorbed by the fuel are prevented from refreezing. BioborMD® adds this “anti-freezing” action to keep the fuel flowing and the engine running.
Sludge dispersants break up and dissolve fuel sediment sludge into small enough particles that will pass harmlessly through filters and injectors, enabling your fuel system to operate at peak efficiency with properly atomized fuel spray. BioborMD® cleans fuel systems to allows the engine to produce its designed optimum horsepower and torque, further increasing economy.

Corrosion inhibitors
–with continued use, BioborMD®, significantly reduces further fuel system corrosion from occurring, preventing costly leaks and spills.
Stabilizes the fuelBioborMD® stabilizes the fuel by keeping it “fresh”, preventing sludge from forming, maintains fuel system cleanliness and provides optimum fuel quality and fuel system efficiency.

  Fuel to be treated (in gal.) 30 60 90 120
  BioborMD® (in oz.)
Initial Dosage
8 16 24 32
  Maintenance Treatment 4 8 12 16

In combination with the world leader BioborJF®, BioborMD® allows for the prevention
of, and protection against microbial growth (bugs) in fuel systems. In addition,
BioborMD® enables maximum performance of your engine.

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